Region 5 Meeting Minutes – ASC International Conference April 4-8, 2017

  1. Attendance
  • Rachel Mosier – Oklahoma State University
  • Ben Ashburn – Texas A & M University
  • Lonny Walker – El Paso Texas
  • Tulio Sulbaran- University of Southern Mississippi
  • Lantz Holtzhower – Oklahoma State University
  • Lisa Holliday – University of Oklahoma
  • Anthony Perrenoud- University of Oklahoma
  • Ben Bigelow- Texas A & M University
  • Jim Carr- University of Arkansas Little Rock
  • Matt Reyes- University of Oklahoma
  • Debbie Kim- Texas A & M University- Commerce

Important Dates:

  1. TEXO Educator’s Conference October 5-6, 2017
    1. Topics? Field Trip only if a unique project is available. Maybe a topic where a TEXO member company can speak on a Technology or an Application then have some sort of roundtable with how professors are using it in classes.
    2. Will People Attend for a Thursday at noon? The room was really mixed on this topic. Many agreed that it depended upon their schedule and the topics. I would suggest a doodle poll on this.
    3. What is the best start time? This was also mixed. One comment was that the room at Pappacitas was not conducive for networking and possibly having a networking event with contractors at TEXO earlier and then either move to dinner or have dinner catered at TEXO. As a group the networking with contractors in the DFW area and the networking with other faculty is seen as most valuable.
  2. Student Competitions February 17-19, 2018
    1. Crowne Plaza Addison is booked again for this event. The Room Rate increased around $10 per room making it around $139.
    2. There was discussion again about the rules on the Heavy Civil Competition in particular. There was a task force set up in February to review the rules with a goal of bringing changes to the October meeting.
    3. One thing that was reiterated is the importance of the scoring matrices before the competition so students know how they will be judged and feedback for the competing teams after.
    4. 2018- Must remove the non-ASC member fee. No non-member school can compete. This was a concern of the Board of Directors and they asked for this wording to be removed from the Region 5 rules, as it undermines membership in the ASC to charge a rate less than the yearly dues to compete in student competitions for non-member schools.
  3. Student Competition 2017 Recap
    1. 2017 – 23 Total Teams – 4 D/B; 3 D/B International; 9 Commercial; 7 Heavy Civil
    2. 2018- TEXO asking for criteria when soliciting company sponsors and projects
  4. Account Balance – $4751
    1. Credits 2017 $2300
    2. Debits 2017 (48.73) – ASC Journal Access ($10K split among regions)
  5. Online Payment is now available
    1. Yearly ASC Dues
    2. Region 5 Student Competition entry fees (this is a possibility for the 2018 student compeittions0
  6. Publications Committee Meeting (Friday 4/7 9:00 am First Hill Room)
    1. Discussion will center around Copyright of papers signed over to ASC upon acceptance
    2. Number of authors permitted
    3. Changes in Authorship
  7. Proceedings Data 2017
    1. Acceptance Rate – 64%
    2. 123 Full papers – 44 Declined
  8. New Electronic Election Process for all ASC Regional Directors. Wording will be added to the ASC International Ops regarding election of Regional Directors.